The‌ ‌Flutter‌ ‌Multi‌-Platform‌ ‌Ecosystem‌ ‌with‌ ‌Chris‌ ‌Sells‌

Chris Sells is a Senior Product Manager at Google, responsible for many aspects of Flutter, including the end-to-end developer experience, the ecosystem, Flutter desktop, as well as working with top customers and clients.

Chris has many years of experience contributing to the evolution of UI toolkits including over 9 years as a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft and 2 years as a Vice President at Telerik, the makers of popular UI toolkits for the Microsoft ecosystem. Chris has published 12 books over the years on software development using Microsoft component libraries.

In my chat with Chris, we cover many topics including lessons learned from building UI technologies, the evolution of software engineering, new features in Flutter, Flutter Desktop, Flutter Web and working on open source projects.

01:25 -- Chris’ background and work at Google

05:41 -- Challenges and trade-offs in building a UI toolkit

13:29 -- Flutter’s approach to multi-platform support - how it avoids common pitfalls

19:20 -- Navigator 1.0 vs Navigator 2.0

28:15 -- Flutter Desktop for Windows - getting to alpha and what’s left to do for a full 1.0 release

41:15 -- Flutter Web - unique challenges of targeting the web and how the team is approaching this.

47:10 -- Building Flutter as an open source project

51:25 -- Chris’ publications and approach to writing

56:11 -- Final thoughts and advice

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Twitter: @csells

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